Payroll Services

Our certified payroll specialist will make your life easier when it comes to handling payroll and taxes.

Basic Payroll Features

OMG Payroll Services applies current tax and deduction calculations based on the information you provide. Furthermore, OMG Payroll provides all reports and timely delivery of checks. We can also send electronic payments to your staff in a timely manner that tells your employees how much you care.

Check Signing

OMG Payroll Services obtains a copy of your payroll contact’s signature for check writing on your payroll checking account. We then import it into our software to put a signature on each live check written on your behalf to your employees. We can even do double signatures if you’d like.

Virtual Payroll

OMG Payroll Services provides a virtual delivery method. This includes emailing check vouchers directly to your employees and reports to the designated payroll contact the day the payroll is processed. A physical delivery method will still be required for use in the event that something needs to be sent to you.

Trust Service

OMG Payroll Services provides a service allowing payroll checks written by clients to be cut from a OMG Payroll Services checking account, relieving the client from having to do bank reconciliation or signing payroll checks. You must sign a trust agreement with OMG Payroll Services. The payroll must be delivered by a delivery service with tracking capabilities (UPS or LaserShip), and process at least 2 days prior to your check date

Tax Service

OMG Payroll Services calculates and deducts from payroll all Federal, State, and Local payroll taxes based on data provided to OMG Payroll Services by the client. We make accurate and timely tax payments to the taxing authorities. Likewise, we provide quarterly and yearly reporting to all taxing authorities via paper and/or electronic submission. In addition, we research and resolve any tax notice you receive while on OMG Payroll Services’ service – as well as prior to the start of our deal. All your tax monies will be monitored for accuracy daily. OMG Payroll Services electronically withdraws all tax deposit funds directly from the client at least two days before your check date.

Custom Reporting

OMG Payroll Services creates reports for your specific needs. We always support the accurate calculation of the report for as long as you’re a client of ours.

Online Access to Payroll System and Reports

OMG Payroll Services provides access to our online payroll portal, allowing you to complete employee maintenance, payroll entry, run and/or retrieve payroll reports as desired from anywhere. Access can be customized for payroll and bookkeeping personnel as you so desire.

Check Stuff and Seal

OMG Payroll Services uses pressure seal stock and pressure sealing equipment to print and seal the checks for packaging your checks when requested.