Licensing Management

For collection agencies, debt buyers and collection law firms, it’s your one stop shop for license applications, statutory bonds, registered agents, and resident managers.

Initial Licensing

OMG’s professional staff will help plan and execute the entire licensing process. We understand all the required documents, applications, personal background checks, and fingerprints that are needed across every jurisdiction in the United States and its territories, allowing us to project costs and create a strategic plan customized to meet your needs.

We understand that obtaining and renewing licensing is a complicated and tedious undertaking. Our streamlined methods enable us to manage the entire process for our you. OMG assists with obtaining licenses, exemptions, bonds, registered agent/managers and helps to understand any special jurisdictional requirements such as specific dunning letter disclosures.

OMG provides you with a single licensing professional who will help collect all the information needed to process your licenses. We prepare and submit the application in each jurisdiction and manage the process of following up to ensure licenses are processed in a timely manner.

Renewal Licensing

Failure to remain compliant with licensing renewal due dates and statutory requirements such as annual report filing can be costly, resulting in loss of licensing, authority to do business, fines, and penalties. Our state license renewal program mitigates these risks by managing the entire renewal process across all jurisdictions.

Insurance and Bonds

All licensed agencies require bonds and insurance, and we offer the best and most affordable coverages for all the necessary products needed in accounts receivables management. Ask our agents for a quote today!Our team’s experience as compliance experts and executives with some of the pre-eminent debt buying organizations can assist you in addressing the Certification Standards, drafting the policies and implementing the processes required for certification.