Human Resource

Make sure your company is protected and compliant.

Building Knowledge. Building Success.

Human Resource is more than just policies and paperwork. Whether it’s an employee handbook that can serve as the first line of defense in a lawsuit, a clear understanding of labor laws, or effective hiring an onboarding practices – expert HR can be the key to protecting and growing your business.

Reduce risk and get peace of mind

Did you know that the average cost of an employee lawsuit is over $100,000? With ever-evolving rules and regulations, it can be difficult for internal HR teams to stay on top of them all. Our certified HR Advisors can help you with compliance and best practices across all 50 states.

Virtual Payroll

OMG Payroll Services provides a virtual delivery method. This includes emailing check vouchers directly to your employees and reports to the designated payroll contact the day the payroll is processed. A physical delivery method will still be required for use in the event that something needs to be sent to you.

HR designed for small businesses

Every organization no matter its size deserves Fortune 500-level HR expertise. We work with many small businesses because we know the specific challenges, rules, and regulations that you’re dealing with. And we know the best strategies for managing them.

Rapid responses to your HR questions

Our HR Professionals are available seven days a week between 8am and 6pm.

A smart way to move your organization forward

Human Resource plays a critical role in your company. You deserve an HR partner who’s invested in your success. Too often, HR is about putting out fires and reacting to issues. We help organizations recognize HR warning signs, tackle their HR priorities, and build healthy and functional workplaces.